Compelling stories, well told.
This is the heart of Giants&Men.

We make movies—along with commercials and other creative videos.

Our emphasis is on great storytelling with a focus on people and how they connect.  Although Giants&Men takes aesthetics very seriously, we believe strongly in substance over style and you won’t find slick visuals void of meaning in our films.  Unless they look really, really cool. In which case you might.

For businesses, we develop creative work that focuses not just on products, but on the people
who use them. 




This comes in the form of:

- Ads for the web and TV
- Creative corporate videos
- Short and feature-length films

We don’t believe that commerce is the enemy to creativity. In fact, the success of our commercial work is what enables us to work on more artistically-driven projects. And we will bring that same creative energy to our clients’ business-related projects—so the commercial and creative fuel each other.